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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spring Flower Wreath with Smoothfoam™

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smoothfoam spring wreath
Hello!  Today I’m sharing a fun and bright spring wreath.  
Smoothfoam now has wondertul wreath forms that have measurement 
marks to make our crafty lives easier!
Supplies you will need:
Two nesting Smoothfoam wreaths (mine are 16″ and 11″)
Silk flowers
White glue & hot glue
Straight pins

Wrap the larger wreath with darker ribbon and secure the ends with glue and/or pins.
Wrap the smaller wreath with a lighter ribbon. 
Glue the two wreaths together and set aside to dry.
Attach the flowers in between the wreaths with pins. 
The final touch was this little garden fairy in the center, attached with some hot glue.
IMG_0003 (1)
Hope you all enjoy the coming warm weather and beautiful flowers! 


  1. What a lovely wreath, Kristi! And the tiny fairy is such a sweet surprise!

  2. Love the way you nested 2 of the wreaths together Kristi!


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