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Monday, March 7, 2016

Gel Press Junkie!

Well we have a CREATIVE TEAM and looking forward to sharing some fun things.  I’m kicking off the posts for the upcoming weekend.  I had a friend over today and was playing with the 3 X 5 and the 5 X 7 Gel Press Plates.  I also happen to have some Color Burst so decied to see how all the products work together!  I have a series of photos so here we go!
IMG_5852Today I am using:
Gel Press Printing Plates, Golden Paints, Speedball Brayer, Color Burst, Ken Oliver’s Craft Mat, varieous stencils and white copy paper.
Start by placing a small amount of paint on the plate. Add a small amount Color Burst.


Place stencil over the paint.  Remember when using letters or numbers you need to lay them down backwards.
Press paper on top and press firmly.
Lift the paper off.
Lift off the stencil and do your second pull.  You will have a positive and negative!
Here are some other prints I made today!
Hope you all have a lot of fun playing with your Gel Press!  More posts coming soon!
Happy Creating
Kristi...Design Team Lead
b14p0123 - Copy - Copy

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  1. Looks like you and your friend had a good time, one day I will get to try out the ColorBurst on my Gel Press plate but until then I will just enjoy looking at your pictures!


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