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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Enirotex Mixed Media OZ

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I was introduced to Envirotex Resin about 12 years ago and have been a fan obsessed since.  I love the finished look that Resin gives many project.

I decided to make something for myself for no reason other than I wanted to and my ETI infused Mixed Media rip to OZ was born.  I started with my frame, some spray paint,Graphic 45 Paper, Dreamweaver Stencil, Connie Crystal Sheets and A LOT OF RESIN FROM ETI!

Here are some photos of the work in progress:

 Since it is real crystals you can color with alcohol ink and then cover with resin. It will stay sparkling!

 This is the GOOD STUFF!
 Mix even parts and stir.
 The finished piece.
 Some closer looks.
 Love the look and the depth of the resin over the flying fence posts.
 The right corner was created by adding  Metallic FX Powders in small amounts with the ETI then layering.  It takes some time but I love the end result.
 Look how nice the crystal is under the resin.
 Next is the floating illusion with layers of ETI!

 The ETI just gives such a great look.

 I also love that it holds my hour glass in place.  No glue required!

Thi finished project displayed at CHA in the ETI Booth!

ETI is just such an amazing product.  I can't wait to make some more fun projects with resin!


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