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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pictures Say It All with ETI

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I love the saying "LIVE/LAUGH/LOVE" so when I saw this fun paper I had to use it on a project for my nephw and his beautiful fiance'.  I wanted them to be able to use this at the wedding.  I started with the frame from Kaiser Krafts.  I painted it with some spray paint and used Faux Quilting stamps from Ann Butler Designs for the texture on the frame edge.  

Next I cut the paper for all the areas.  

I then used the ULTRA-SEAL from ETI to protect the paper and the photos so they would not darken once I added the Resin!  Love this stuff!

I added all the bling and photos and let it all dry over night just to make sure all was sealed well.  Net the fun begins.  I started to mix my resin!

 I love the fact you just mix equal parts of each bottle and mix!
 I poured the resin in all the open areas.  This way it looks like they are under glass but very easy to clean.
So as you can see there are MANY little bubbles and they WILL pop out on their own but I wanted to move on with the project.  As luck would have it, my hair dryer broke so I decided to try my heat tool.  (The heat tool gets MUCH hotter than the hair dryer so I held it up a bit higher and really kept it moving so I didn't burn the resin.)

 And AFTER!  Now to let it dry!
 Yep, HAD to ad the pretty flowers!  This is for a WEDDING!  The Connie Crystal bling was also a MUST as this bling still shows and stays blingy under the resin!
You can also see that I wanted to accent some words so I did not seal them and let the resin make the paper darker.  I really like the look.  It makes certain words POP!

The finished project!
I hope you enjoyed this project!  
Happy Creating,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ETI Designer Challenge Blog Hop

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Prize Give Away!

The more comments you leave the better your chance to win!

 I am so ecited to be part of this blog hop!  I LOVE ETI RESIN!  I hhave used it for years with jewelry and trays ut I have a friend, Gavyn Sky, that does amazing things on HUGE canvas with resin.  He inspries me to use resin in different ways.  So here is what I did on a 5" X 7" canvas.
I layered Embossing Paste and several different colors of Pearl Acrylic Paints.  I then placed the focal point on the canvas.  (It is a bezel filled with various items and filled with ETI Jewelry Resin)
Next I mixed some ETI according to directions.  This is IMPORTANT!  I started to drizzle the Resin over ther canvas.
It is so fun to see how it all starts to blend and change.  I took one of the stir sticks and started playing with the textures and swirling the liquids.

I then mixed in some Mica in a couple of colors and added them on top of the other resin.  I did this in small amounts so as to not have resin run everywhere.  After it sat for a about an hour I poured a bit more clear resin on.
It spread the mica/glitter out and added the shimmer I wanted without huge areas of the Mica.  I then added some of the additional embellishments.
I added a border of Connie Crystal Mesh and some little bottles filled with liquid.  No glue needed as these objects adhere to the resin.  After it was all dry I added a final layer of ETI Resin!
This is my finished ETI Resin Mini Art Piece!

Happy Creating!