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Monday, November 2, 2015

Ideas For Gift Giving!

I have decided I am forever addicted to Layers Of Color stamps and stencils! They are so cool I decided to try something new on my jewelry boxes and this is the result!

The above box is using a corner stencil with two different sizes! I love it. I also had to run to my local store Scrapbook Generation to get some bling and flowers!
Happy Creating!

Monday, October 12, 2015

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I am so excited to show you some more of my CREEPY creations using blank Smoothfoam tombstones. After making one for my post from last month, I realized one tombstone wasn’t enough…I just needed more. These are so great for Halloween party d├ęcor. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and Happy Haunting!
Smoothfoam tombstones
Smoothfoam letters
Smoothfoam ball
Heat tool with stylus
Acrylic paints and brayer
Connie Crystal black rhinestone sheet
smoothfoam letters BOO
I like the rounded top of this tombstone – perfect for carving in a spider web. Use a stencil for the basic web lines, then carve in the rest freehand. After carving, paint a blend of black and white paints over the top using a brayer. Paint the Smoothfoam letters – BOO – black and then distress with bits of white.
To make the spider body, paint a small Smoothfoam ball (cut in half) black.
Smoothfoam crystal spider
After gluing the spider body to the web, trim strips from the crystal sheet for the head and legs and glue in place. Add a little diamond of crystal on the spider’s back. Glue on the letters and let everything dry.
carved smoothfoam tombstone
As you get more comfortable carving Smoothfoam with a heat tool, try to make faux stone – it’s so fun! Carve out the individual stones and add texture to each stone. Paint a few recessed lines black, use the brayer over areas where you want white carving to show through, then paint the rest of the stone with a brush, blending several different earthy colors.
carved faux stone smoothfoamMy third tombstone is a fun one. My niece does not like chickens or roosters, so this is my tribute to a pet cemetery. I also wanted to add some color to the stone. I used my stencils to carve the face of the project, then used a small brush to paint all the colors inside the carved out areas. I made sure to blend fun, bright colors on the rooster and also the sun.
pet cemetery smoothfoam tombstoneOn all these tombstones, when I was done carving and adding paint to the recessed areas, then I used the brayer to cover the rest of the flat surface. The rooster really came out nice and very colorful – my niece even told me she thought it was cute!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halloween Fun

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Smoothfoam TombstoneHeat tool
Stencil, painters tape
Acrylic paints
First I taped a large 12″ X 12″ Day of the Dead skull stencil on the Smoothfoam tombstone and used a heat tool with a pointed tip to carve out areas on the stencil. Be careful with the tool as it gets very hot and you barely have to touch the Smoothfoam for it to melt away! I like being able to control the depth of the melt. After finishing with the stencil, I went freehand with the heat tool to write RIP.
After I finished carving, I spread some paint on a flat surface and rolled the brayer in it to transfer the paint to the surface of the tombstone. By using a brayer instead of a brush, paint only went on the raised areas. The recessed areas stated white.
Day of the Dead Smoothfoam carving
When I was editiing the photos I thought it would be cool to make one black and white…gives it a creepy look. I am hoping to have several more done in time for Halloween to decorate my whole yard!

black smoothfoam headstone

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ann Butler Designs and ETI

I love working in multi-dimentional and ETI is perfect for this.  I created this serving tray with great stamps and embellishments and layered it all in ETI Lite!

Walnut Hallow Tray
Ann Butler Designs (Unity Stamps, Clearsnap Crafter's Ink)
Valspar Spray Paint
WorldWin Paper (Treasures)
Jumbo Java Tsukineko Ink
Art Glitter Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter Ultrafine Glitter (Martini)
Envirotex Lite Resin
Beacon Adhesive Decoupage
Misc. Buttons and Embellishments
I got all my supplies together and got started.  The tray was pretty and needed a little sanding to get a nice smooth surface.  Not a problem at all and then I spray painted the tray with the Valspar colors.  I was really pleased with the way the colors blended and I really liked the way the colors matched Ann Butler's Ink!

 I stamped the 2" squares in several designs and then used a punch to  make sure all my squares were nice and even.  I love these stamps!
 I edged each square with a little ink just to make them stand out a bit more. I then attached all the squares to a piece of cardstock I cut to size for the bottom of the tray. I wanted to make sure everything fit just right and I knew I could attach the large paper with adhesive inside the tray.

 I spread a nice layer of glue on the tray bottom.  I used this adhesive as it dries clear!

 I also brushed a little glue over the top of the design to make sure all the little corners were stuck down well.
 After all the glue dried I wanted to protect the surface for even drying with the resin.  I used this Decoupage finish and just covered the entire bottom of the tray.

 This is the tray dry and ready to add the fun resin layers.

 While the first layer was still slightly wet I layered more stamped images on the tray. I wanted them to be a little off set to give more depth to the project.
 I love how it gives the illusion that the paper is floating.  At this point I was very glad that I would be adding more layers as there were a few dark spots on the bottom layer.

 After the first layer is 100% dry I pour on another layer of resin and let dry almost completely but to tacky. While the surface is tacky you can go in and add more layers of paper and also add in your embellishments.  At this stage I don't have to use adhesive as the resin is tacky enough to hold everything in place. Then I pour the final coat of resin.

 Let Dry.  Here are some closer looks.  By doing multiple layers you hardly even notice the dark and light spots of the first layer.

 I love how things seem to be floating!
 They even cast shadows!  Love the way this project came out!
 The finished product ready to use for serving treats or just displayed!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Steampunk Table Top

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Resin Filled TableTop

Hello, Kristi here for a fun and more involved project using the wonderful products from ETI!  I love doing larger projects so this was up my right up my ally.    I started with the table top built by McGuffey Woodworking  The legs could be removed so I could work on the table surface a bit easier.

Misc. Embellishment

It took some time to figure out a theme but wanted to use Steampunk Spells from Graphic 45.  I started my design and used Ultra Seal, also from ETI to adhere and seal the layers of paper.  This keep the paper from discoloring.

After this is 100% dry I started the layering and dimensional part of this project.  I have used many sealers but I really like how the Ultra Seal works and covers.

Some 3D elements are added and I am ready to pour on my first layer of resin.  For this project I knew I would be using a lot of resin so I got the larger containers to mix. 

I still follow the instructions and mix in smaller portions.  This is to ensure a complete mix and better hardening results.  I pour in 4oz of resin then add 4oz of the hardener.  I mixed these for two minutes then poured them in a second cup and stir for an additional one minute. I also mixed 3 cups in total for the first layer.

Once all steps for mixing are complete I just pour the resin.

 I made sure that the resin did spread and covered the entire surafce.  I also allowed it to sit for about five minutes to allow air bubbles to rise.  I use my heat gun held up about six inches from the surface to pop all bubbles.  I check back in about 30 minutes to make sure no other bubbles have formed.  If they do I just use the heat tool to pop them.   LET DRY  (I allowed at least 12 hours beween layers.)

I added more elements between each layer of resin added.  Some Gold Leaf, more gears, and other elements.  When the final layer is poured it really gives the illusion of items floating!  Here are some closer looks!

Here is the finished project.  The legs were attached.  (Made from PVC pipe and painted with spray paint in Hammered Black and Dark Bronze)  Hope you enjoyed this project, I know I did!

Happy Creating!