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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dreamweaver Thrusday

 New  Heron  stencil was used today along with Happy Birthday! I love the embossing paste in Gold and Pearl! Check out Dream It Up! blog. for more inspiration and more links for projects!

I started with a GREAT piece of cool paper.  Yes, real cool paper from Japan!  And it had herons on it!
I used a mix of pearl and gold embossing paste.  It is the "SLUDGE" Technique.  It is fun to mix the colors!
I used the same paste blend for the "Happy Birthday"!

I kept it very simple this week to show off the pretty of the stencils!

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  1. Oh! Now I get it....genius idea Kristi! LOVE it!

  2. Wow...what a work of art. So many layers that add to the interest and beauty of your project today!

  3. Beautiful combination of elements, Kristi

  4. So pretty. I like how the heron on the paper looks like he is looking at the greeting.

  5. Kristi ... as always this is awesome, you always come up with the most wonderful elements.

  6. oh...I am going to have to try that mixture...it looks gorgeous, maybe sometime I will see it up close and personal. ; )

  7. Very pretty Kristi, that paper is perfect for this stencil! The pearlescent and gold are beautiful together!


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