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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ann Butler and Walnut Hallow

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What a fun cross promotion/hop this is with Ann Butler Designs and walnut Hallow!  I got a wooden tray to decorate.  So lets see what I came up with!
Walnut Hallow Tray
Ann Butler Designs (Unity Stamps, Clearsnap Crafter's Ink)
Valspar Spray Paint
WorldWin Paper (Treasures)
Jumbo Java Tsukineko Ink
Art Glitter Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter Ultrafine Glitter (Martini)
Envirotex Lite Resin
Beacon Adhesive Decoupage
Misc. Buttons and Embellishments
I got all my supplies together and got started.  The tray was pretty and needed a little sanding to get a nice smooth surface.  Not a problem at all and then I spray painted the tray with the Valspar colors.  I was really pleased with the way the colors blended and I really liked the way the colors matched Ann Butler's Ink!

 I stamped the 2" squares in several designs and then used a punch to  make sure all my squares were nice and even.  I love these stamps!
 I edged each square with a little ink just to make them stand out a bit more. I then attached all the squares to a piece of cardstock I cut to size for the bottom of the tray. I wanted to make sure everything fit just right and I knew I could attach the large paper with adhesive inside the tray.

 I spread a nice layer of glue on the tray bottom.  I used this adhesive as it dries clear!

 I also brushed a little glue over the top of the design to make sure all the little corners were stuck down well.
 After all the glue dried I wanted to protect the surface for even drying with the resin.  I used this Decoupage finish and just covered the entire bottom of the tray.

 This is the tray dry and ready to add the fun resin layers.

 While the first layer was still slightly wet I layered more stamped images on the tray. I wanted them to be a little off set to give more depth to the project.
 I love how it gives the illusion that the paper is floating.  At this point I was very glad that I would be adding more layers as there were a few dark spots on the bottom layer.

 After the first layer is 100% dry I pour on another layer of resin and let dry almost completely but to tacky. While the surface is tacky you can go n and add more layers of paper and also add in your embellishments.  At this stage I don't have to use adhesive as the resin is tacky enough to hold everything in place. Then I pour the final coat of resin.

 Let Dry.  Here are some closer looks.  By doing multiple layers you hardly even notice the dark and light spots of the first layer.

 I love how things seem to be floating!
 They even cast shadows!  Love the way this project came out!
 The finished product ready to use for serving cookies or well COOKIES!  Happy Creating!

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  1. This project is just so very cool Kristi.....thank you for being part of the hop!

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    Happy Memorial Day weekend, giving thanks to those who fought and died for us.

  7. Love the colors..fun project :)

  8. What a fun and colorful project!

  9. I LOVE how the items appear to be floating! Great idea!!

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  25. This is PHENOMENAL!!!! I was just looking at these trays the other day at AC Moore and wondering what I could do with it. Now I know. GENIUS with the resin!!!!

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