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Friday, March 21, 2014

EZ-De's Faux Quilt Square

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I have been so excited to be part of Ann Butler's Design Team.  Love the stamps from both Kelly Crafts and Unity!  This Craft ink that not only works great on paper and fabric, but are in wonderful colors.  Today I have created a frame-able Log Cabin quilt block.  Let's get started.

Unity Stamps Doily Picnic
Kelly Craft EZ-De's 1" Rail Fence Set A
Clearsnap Ann Butler's Crafter's Ink
Connie Crystal Crystal Sheet White
Art Glitter Dries Clear Adhesive
Worldwin Papers Treasures Honeydew

These are the two sets of stamps I used.  I picked the square out of the Doily Set I wanted to use and stamped it in yellow.  I just guessed on center and came close.

 Next I picked the shortest rail and stamped around the square.
I then got the next longer rail and stamped around the images.
I stamped the longest rail for the final layer.  I then trimmed the paper to have a slight edge.  I used a paint brush and the pink ink to edge the "quilt block".
I added color to the Prima blank flowers to give them color to match.  I added a crystal sheet bit for the flower center.  I assembled the flower using Art Glitter adhesive. This was added last to the project.
I mounted it on Worldwin Treasures in Honeydew.  I used the dry paint brush to apply a little ink around the the image.  I also cut the crystal sheet in single strips and attached to the stamped quilt for my "stitching". The flower was added and it is now ready to frame!  I mounted it on SmoothFoam for now and may put it in a scrapbook dimensional frame!
Thanks for checking this out!  Hope you will check out all the projects on Ann's Blog! Until later, happy creating!  Leave me some love in the comment section!

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  1. Krisit I love this project it shows that you can use the stamp sets any way you can imagine! Gotta love the Crystals too!


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