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Monday, October 7, 2013

Designer Monday with Halloween

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I have had several posts go live lately and I am LOVING playing with the jewelry, ICE Resin and all sorts of things.  I have a couple more pieces I am going to share. 

This is a fun piece I have done just to be a little creepy.  My son is the Zombie of my dreams!  And as a good mother, I am not far away! LOL  Craft Attitude made it easy with their Jewelry Attitude line! After I printed the photos on the paper they had to dry.  If you look at my post from a few days ago you can see a bunch of projects!   This is all my projects drying...
After I let them dry I cut out the images I wanted with the Spellbinders Artisan Machine and dies that match the bezels.  Then after they were attached to bezel I used ICE Resin over the top.  Let it all dry and then attach the pieces to each other with a jump ring!
This piece is done with Art Glitter Designs Dries Clear Adhesive and Shards Glass Glitter!  I put the adhesive in the bezels and then poured on Shards!  Let it dry, added the skull  and then poured in the ICE Resin.  I let it cure for about an hour then added the Connie Crystal Black Crystal Sheets.  I cut a piece to fit the side then added one crystal for each eye and one in the center of the heart and let it dry the rest of the way.  I decided a plain cord would look great.  I may change my mind later...but for now, I like it.

Hope everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!
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