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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Etchall Fun

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For the Designer Challenge we got to play with some fun products. ETCHALL IS SO FUN!  I had NEVER done glass etching so was excited to get to try something new!  This product is very easy to use and have a very small learning curve.  I will try to do some more things and share them at a later time.

So this is how it works...
You either make or use a stencil. (vinyl is good)
Spread on the Etchall and scrape off with the squeegee.
Let cure for 15 or more minutes.
Rinse with water and remove stencil.
Let Dry.

My first attempt was a learning time! LOL   I got the vase done sort of but then ended up "frosting" the entire surface...

 I used a brush to dab on.  I left it on too thick but it still worked well.  My problem was by leaving it on thick, when I rinsed the product got on the glass.  So this side of the vase ended up "frosted".

It did give a cool effect as you can still sort of read the words etched in.  But lets move on.

 It is difficult to see but you can make out the word DREAM and also the Greek Key design on the sides.
So next I had a little candy keeper so wanted to do a simple design on the top and create my own designs on the sides.  I used Spellbinders Lock and Key.

 LOVE the squeegee!

 The yellow is a film you can cut and design with using dies or electric cutting machine.

I had much better results with this project.

 Love the crisp lines and how well the Etchall worked.  So pretty!
 Finally, I tried this on a ready made candle.  I think this will work better next time I try as I did not clean the surface well so I am pretty sure there was some was build up.

 You can still read it and see it. It is very subtle.

 So this is my first attempt with this product and I had one major success on the candy dish. (Yes, those are raspberry M&Ms!  Dark Chocolate to make it even better.  This would be wonderful to personalize Christmas gifts or make wedding toasting glasses and MORE!

Keep Creating!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happiness is.....

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Glittering Family Fun

 This weed for designer challenge hop I played with all things that make me super happy...Glitter from Art Glitter and Connie Crystal.  I just layered glitter colors and then used Black Crystal Sheets to connect them al.  Also, the people in the photos are my nephews and one extra!  Love these peeps and they make me happy and proud beyond compare!
 Paint on the Designer Dries Clear Adhesive. (DDCA)
 Cover with Shiney Si Art Glitter then apply more glue and add your lightest shade of purple.  Heather is the color used next. 
 I continue until  I had the colors gradually getting darker.

 Add a small strip of Connie Crystal Sheets as the connectors.

 I added a little more bling on each corner.

 Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs rock and hold like nobodies business!  
Add a touch of DDCA for extra hold.   I looped the top piece and then "daisy chained" the additional Crystal Sheet as the hanger.
 A closer look...

Thank you for joining me today.  I would love if you would leave me a comment and let me know what you think of all my "HAPPY" sparkles.  Make sure and check out Connie Crystal Blog and Art Glitter also.  Art Glitter is doing a fun cross promotion all month so check out all the details.  Come on over to Facebook and "like" our company pages as well.   Sparkle On! To buy retail from Connie Crystal check out http://www.wegotcrystal.com/ and for Art Glitter, http://artglitter.com/