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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stencils &Glitter & Jelly Beans..OH MY

I hope you enjoy this post and then come back on Monday for the Designers Monthly Hop and again Saturday for a special blog hop using Buttons from Buttons Galore!  I will have a fun and different project ready for you!

Hello all,  I created the above card and the one with step outs below using Designers Dries Clear Glue and a lot of Ultra Fine and Micro Fine Glitter! You can do this a couple of ways. I start by stamping the image I am going to "color" in black Staz-on Ink (Tsukineko) on to the acetate.  The finishing touches are created with Dreamweaver Stencils! The card above is the first time being seen.  The process is the same as the card below that was featured on Art Glitter Blog!

This is the stamped image on acetate. The white is only the paper.

These are the colors I am using, 3 purples, three yellow/clear and 2 green.

I start with my darkest color. Because of the way the glitter is layered, I usually go from dark to light. I also usually use greens first as they tend to corrupt the other colors Before I put the glitter down I used a paintbrush and Designer Dries Clear Adhesive. I also use a very SMALL amount of water with the glue. It helps the dry time be less. If you apply with the fine metal tip the adhesive it goes on thicker. I am can also move the glittered adhesive slightly with the brush to blend my colors.

This is with both colors of green and adding the first of the lavender colors. I LOVE Heather!!

Now I have added the shades of lavender and moved to the yellows. I added a hint of Crystal just to add shimmer next comes a little blue just to give the image some sky.

This is the image all glittered! Beautiful!!! OH WAIT!!
When the glue is all dry and you flip the image over..this is how it looks!You then need to layer some cardstock and I added a stenciled image with a Dreamweaver Stencil! This looked like an Easter Card to me so I added the word Rejoice!
Place Stencil.
Tape of stencil with removable tape and get out paste.

Spread the paste on like frosting a cake.

Take the excess off and then remove the tape.

While the paste is wet sprinkle with Martini Glitter.

This is your finished card!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure and leave a comment!
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  1. Oh my gosh, Kristi. It's gorgeous. Have to give this a try. Thanks for idea and great instructions.

  2. Kristi this is truly inspiring, I think I wil try this maybe on a smaller simple piece to stare. but this is truly amazing my friend. thank you for always edging the bar a little higher. Stay SANE!!!

  3. Your card is wonderful! Thanks for the ideas too.

  4. Beautiful card Kristi! Perfect for the Easter season!

  5. Your jelly beans crack me up! You with the glitter.......beautiful cards.

  6. Very cool Kristy! I'm going to have to give this one a try!

  7. Wow...Kristi...wonderful Spring creations! And the jelly bellies...hahahaha! Cute cute cute!


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