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Thursday, February 21, 2013

For The Birds

If you head over the the Art Glitter Blog you will see a fun spring colored birdhouse project.  I am doing a similar project here but with my favorite earthy colors! Also I added a fun stencil to the front of the birdhouse just to add a bit more interest. Let me start with the finished project then I will take you through step by step.
I decided to do something fun with the roof so I placed a piece of snap and peel double sided adhesive on the roof and pressed it down very firmly.

I then pulled the protective sheet off the the tape to expose the sticky side of the tape.

Next, I placed a fun piece of lace on the adhesive and pressed it down firmly.
Next I used Microfine Diva Gold  Glitter from Art Glitter.  I poured it all over the roof of the bird house.  I pressed the glitter down firmly and then the excess shaken off.  I actually tapped the edge of the birdhouse on the work surface pretty firmly to remove the excess.

You can see how the glitter is only in the open areas of the lace.  I then removed the lace.

On the picture you can see where the gold is now permanent and I start to apply the #55 Hot Lava Ultrafine Opaque Glitter.  I love the variation of color within Hot Lava.  Such an amazing color. 

Now that the roof is covered I am going to add some paint.

If you have not used the Silks, from Splash of Color, they are amazing.  These are from the creator of Twinkling H2Os and are amazing.  I am using Spiced Tomato!

I am painting the eves, base and the inside portion of the opening.

Now I am going to "GLITTERFY" the rest of the house with one of my favorites, #154 Twig! This is also an Ultrafine Opaque Glitter.  I will be painting on the Designers Dries Clear Adhesive with a wide paint brush.  I paint a little and then glitter and then repeat the process until the entire surface of the house is covered.  Front, back and sides!

I love how it looks as I apply the glitter!

I decided to make it a little more homey by adding a little flower motif from Dreamweaver Stencils LM 2011 Poppy Circle
   LM 2011 Poppy circle

I used Pearlescent Embossing Paste to do part of the image.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.  Hope you will leave a comment!  Then go like Art Glitter and Dreamweaver Stencils on Facebook!
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  1. Sweet birdhouse Kristi. I love that Twig glitter too, it's a great color.

  2. Fun bird house and love the stenciled embellishment!

  3. Perfect bird house, complete with flowers on the front porch! Very nice, Kristi.

  4. Wow girl this is a very fancy home- bet all the special birds come to your neighborhood...lol
    Thanks for sharing sweetie

  5. Veru pretty Kristi! It is all blingy and perfect for your birdie soul mate!

  6. Only you would think of a lace-waved birdhouse with glitter! So pretty.


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