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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stencils &Glitter & Jelly Beans..OH MY

I hope you enjoy this post and then come back on Monday for the Designers Monthly Hop and again Saturday for a special blog hop using Buttons from Buttons Galore!  I will have a fun and different project ready for you!

Hello all,  I created the above card and the one with step outs below using Designers Dries Clear Glue and a lot of Ultra Fine and Micro Fine Glitter! You can do this a couple of ways. I start by stamping the image I am going to "color" in black Staz-on Ink (Tsukineko) on to the acetate.  The finishing touches are created with Dreamweaver Stencils! The card above is the first time being seen.  The process is the same as the card below that was featured on Art Glitter Blog!

This is the stamped image on acetate. The white is only the paper.

These are the colors I am using, 3 purples, three yellow/clear and 2 green.

I start with my darkest color. Because of the way the glitter is layered, I usually go from dark to light. I also usually use greens first as they tend to corrupt the other colors Before I put the glitter down I used a paintbrush and Designer Dries Clear Adhesive. I also use a very SMALL amount of water with the glue. It helps the dry time be less. If you apply with the fine metal tip the adhesive it goes on thicker. I am can also move the glittered adhesive slightly with the brush to blend my colors.

This is with both colors of green and adding the first of the lavender colors. I LOVE Heather!!

Now I have added the shades of lavender and moved to the yellows. I added a hint of Crystal just to add shimmer next comes a little blue just to give the image some sky.

This is the image all glittered! Beautiful!!! OH WAIT!!
When the glue is all dry and you flip the image over..this is how it looks!You then need to layer some cardstock and I added a stenciled image with a Dreamweaver Stencil! This looked like an Easter Card to me so I added the word Rejoice!
Place Stencil.
Tape of stencil with removable tape and get out paste.

Spread the paste on like frosting a cake.

Take the excess off and then remove the tape.

While the paste is wet sprinkle with Martini Glitter.

This is your finished card!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure and leave a comment!
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

For The Birds

If you head over the the Art Glitter Blog you will see a fun spring colored birdhouse project.  I am doing a similar project here but with my favorite earthy colors! Also I added a fun stencil to the front of the birdhouse just to add a bit more interest. Let me start with the finished project then I will take you through step by step.
I decided to do something fun with the roof so I placed a piece of snap and peel double sided adhesive on the roof and pressed it down very firmly.

I then pulled the protective sheet off the the tape to expose the sticky side of the tape.

Next, I placed a fun piece of lace on the adhesive and pressed it down firmly.
Next I used Microfine Diva Gold  Glitter from Art Glitter.  I poured it all over the roof of the bird house.  I pressed the glitter down firmly and then the excess shaken off.  I actually tapped the edge of the birdhouse on the work surface pretty firmly to remove the excess.

You can see how the glitter is only in the open areas of the lace.  I then removed the lace.

On the picture you can see where the gold is now permanent and I start to apply the #55 Hot Lava Ultrafine Opaque Glitter.  I love the variation of color within Hot Lava.  Such an amazing color. 

Now that the roof is covered I am going to add some paint.

If you have not used the Silks, from Splash of Color, they are amazing.  These are from the creator of Twinkling H2Os and are amazing.  I am using Spiced Tomato!

I am painting the eves, base and the inside portion of the opening.

Now I am going to "GLITTERFY" the rest of the house with one of my favorites, #154 Twig! This is also an Ultrafine Opaque Glitter.  I will be painting on the Designers Dries Clear Adhesive with a wide paint brush.  I paint a little and then glitter and then repeat the process until the entire surface of the house is covered.  Front, back and sides!

I love how it looks as I apply the glitter!

I decided to make it a little more homey by adding a little flower motif from Dreamweaver Stencils LM 2011 Poppy Circle
   LM 2011 Poppy circle

I used Pearlescent Embossing Paste to do part of the image.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.  Hope you will leave a comment!  Then go like Art Glitter and Dreamweaver Stencils on Facebook!
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day From Dreamweaver Stencils

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Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I am very happy this year as I have come to the conclusion this day is NOT about couples, sweethearts, spouses and more.  It is about a love of each other and doing all we can to make this world a warm and inviting place for everyone!  So let's get started with my special valentine for each of you!
My supply list is much larger this week than most as I am trying to get more adventurous and try the layering of texture and color.  I used two stencils from Dreamweaver. (LJ 896 Large flourish & LL 599 Heart whimsy) I used ink from Tsukineko - Imagine Crafts, Glitter from Art Glitter and Embossing Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils.
I started with the flourish stencil and used Champagne Ink to stencil on the design.
This is a very light image of the stencil.
Next I layered on some color. I love the Fireworks as they have a fun shimmer to them.  I actually applied it with a brush. 
Then I added a little Shimmer ink in Gold. 
I needed to get the tag dry so I used my heat tool.  I love the shimmer of all of these inks! 
Next I added some color by applying the ink directly to the paper.  I used more Champagne and some Bronze Encore.
I then also added some more of the stenciled image.
I decided after I picked my first stencils that I wanted the Valentine words on the tag as well so  I spritzed it with some Walnut Ink.  I wanted it a little blurry and new some of the ink would seep under the stencil.  I blotted off the excess and removed the stencil.
Of course it would not be done if I did not use some paste, so I taped off my stencil and off set it on the tag.  I then applied the Pearlescent Paste.
Once I removed the stencil I rinsed it off.  Please be careful as some of the points of the hearts are sharp and WILL cut you.  I know as I now have a bandage on my thumb! LOL  While the paste is still wet I added my first color of glitter...pink of course in transparent ultrafine. 
Then added more transparent ultrafine glitter in a soft green.  I am not giving exact colors as you can use any color of glitter.  I used transparent and spread it very then.  I also went over the entire image and the edges of the tag with Crystal glitter.  You could use any transparent clear glitter.
I love this photo as you can see where I went over the words with pen, the shimmer of the gold and the sparkle of the glitter!
This is the finished tag.  I am sorry I could not get all the shimmer of color in this final photo but you can see the entire tag.  As I am typing this a thought occurred to me.  "What if I used Translucent Embossing Paste?"  I think I will go play some more! Don't forget to visit the rest of the Design Team listed on the left.  Start with the Dream It Up blog!  Check out the design team call if you want to be part of a GREAT team!
Happy Creating!!