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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Frosty Fun!

Pin ItAs the wind is blowing VERY hard outside it is easy to think of frosty fun!  I am sharing a card done with the double glitter technique so it give a GREAT look of Winter!
I actually used some chunky glitter first on the mittens then filled in with micro glitter!  I then used a pretty silver for the background.  To learn more on the double glitter please click HERE!Also, you need to go to the Dreamweaver Blog for details on how you can win free stencils from Dreamweaver!


  1. This looks really frosty! I love the look of it very much - it makes you want to put on those mittens!

  2. It is cold today and these "cool" mittens would definitely keep us warm. Perfect for the season, Kristi.

  3. The mittens look all icy and sparkly. Perfect.

  4. Oooh lah lah!!! Glitter can definitely translate to Frosty Fun! Beautiful Kristi!

  5. Love how your mittens appear to have frost on them. So sparkly!


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