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Friday, February 3, 2012

Thrills and Prills with USArtquest!

I am having the best time using USArtquest products!  They are so very versatile and the wonderful pops of color are in all the paint, gilding, mica and more!  I love color and this company stimulates that love! I am scheduling this post ahead of time as I will have just gotten back from CHA and may be loopy or just dead to the world! : ) 

I am going to share with you the business cards I made to hand out at CHA.  As a designer you never know when you will need to have a card to impress.  If I have time I will make some more but for now...here we go!

Supplies Used:
Perfect Pigments (Secondary Colors)*
PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive)*
Duo Adhesive*
Mica Powder*
Various Ink
Diamond Glaze
Various Stamps
*USArtquest Products
I started by printing off my information on white card stock.  I wanted to add color to them so I used large stipple brush and Ink to add a variety of color to the information strips.
Tap the stipple brush in the ink.

Apply color to paper.

This is the pile I had done after adding color.
I wanted to add a bit more interest to the name portion so I used Perfect Medium and stamped over the words.  I then used a very soft brush to apply Interference Gold Mica Powder to the ink.  It left a very subtle shine/glimmer to the cards.  I then set these aside.
Apply ink.

I have loaded more than necessary on the brush.  There is no waste as the excess can be brushed back in to the jar.

Spread around and brush off excess.
I next started on the tags.  I put a small amount of Perfect Pigment on the paper and added PPA.  This made the paint a bit thinner and more transparent.  I covered both sides lightly and let dry.

 Just a note, when setting the tags aside to dry, make sure they don't stick to each other.  Yes, that was a note to self!  Now a really fun part, GILDING!
Add Duo Adhesive to your Cut and Dry Foam and then apply to the stamp of your choice. 
 Stamp the image and let dry completely.
 Apply gilding on the image and cover completely.  Brush off all the excess with a stiff brush to reveal.....
The wonderful stamped design.  Looks great on any color background.

I then tore around the edges of the card information and attached to the non-gilded side of the tag.  I used Perfect Medium again to stamp the pear image in a few places on the printed side and use various Mica Powders.
I wanted to add a final touch and I just received the perfect accent, PRILLS!  Mini Prills are and interesting accent for all your paper crafting projects and more. They are 100% natural, heat resistant, acid-free and non-toxic!  They come in over 40 colors!  I used Diamond Glaze to adhere mine. 
Adhesive is applied to the slight edge.

 Prills are then poured over the adhesive.
 Excess is poured off and placed back in the cool little jar.
And these are the finished tag/business cards!

I hope you have enjoyed these fun tags.  I had a lot of fun making them  And just so you know, I just ordered MORE Mini Prills.  They are just so cool. 

Other thoughts:
Add them to Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
Any place you would use Micro Beads
Mixed into paint for texture
Applies on top of Embossing Paste/101 Studio Paste
Mix with your Diamond Glaze/Crystal Lacquer
I am still working on more ideas!
Happy Creating

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  1. Your artistic tag/business cards turned out beautifully, and look like you had so much fun creating them!


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