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Friday, January 20, 2012

US Artquest Altered Tray

Hi and welcome to my second installment for US Artquest! I love all the cool products that US Artquest has to offer and allows creativity to just flow. My project today has a lot of steps but many are repeated. So let's get started!

These are the products I have on hand from US Artquest.
  I will be using the Perfect Pigments, Mica Tiles, Mica Flakes, brushes and PPA!

This is the tray I started with.  It is made by McGuffey Woodworking.  These trays are by far the best I have worked with for several reasons.  They are made in the USA, made from solid wood and you can take the back off to make it easier to decorate/paint.   I will be using the other design for my Chattering Robin's post on Monday!

1.  I took a pencil and marked off the sections.  This makes it easy to see where the dividers will be so you can, in this case, paint just over the lines and there will be no bleed over.
You can see the grid marks and I charted which Perfect Pigment color I wanted where.

2.  Paint each section with color desired and then paint the same color on the tray dividers.

3. Continue to paint until you have the entire board painted.  I confess, I goofed a little and marked the colors I was going to use with INK...UGH..so had to paint a coupe of coats.  Fortunately what I am adding will cover any trace of pen marks.

4. I got out my trusty Dreamweaver Stencils and decided which designs I would use for background.  I then used the Perfect Pigment to tint the White Glossy Paste.  This way I had lighter shades of the same colors.
secure stencil

get out small amount of paste

add Perfect Pigment

Mix and apply to stencil.

NOTE:  Due to dry time I started in opposite corners with the stencils and allowed them to dry then moved on.

5. I got out my Mica Tiles and split them into thinner sections so I could sandwich mica powder/mica flakes/PPA/Perfect Pigments between the layers.

6.  At this point you press them together and moosh them around.  Yes, MOOSH!   It blends the colors and anything you have mixed in.  This also makes the tiles stencil ready.

7.  For this project I now attached the back to the frame.
8.  I now choose other elements I want to add to each square.  I use a paper flower, wire and wonderful crystal beads from Connie Crystal.  This is how each section turned out!

 Crystal Effects, Perfect Pigments, PPA and Mica Powder tile.

PPA, Perfect Pigments  and Mica Powder Tile

Flower was touched up with Stargazers.  PPA, Perfect Pigments and Mica Powder Tile.

Flower touched up with Stargazers paint. Mica Flakes, PPA and perfect Pigments Tile.

Plain tile.

PPA, Mica Powder, Perfect Pigments Tile.


I hope you have enjoyed my post for this week.  US Artquest will not have a booth at CHA but you can see this piece on display in the Dreamweaver Booth #863!  Come by and see this project up close and personal!  Until then, you can order all the great products used today at US Artquest!

Happy Creating,

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