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Friday, January 6, 2012

First Post for US Artquest!

Well first I want to say a huge thank you  to US Artquest for choosing me to be part of this GREAT design team.  I already owe Joe Rotella big time for pointing out that my post was due Saturday. Due to some illness in the last week, I had my company posts backwards!! UGH.  So check back Monday for a post from The Robin's Nest!!!  So this is what I did since figuring out my backwards day.

Step 1: Check your US Artquest Supplies on Hand
Step 2: Take a DEEP BREATH....You know you can do this
Step 3:  DING DING DING...I need a notebook to take to CHA so why not make a cool one!
This is a piece of sticky back canvas and a regular composition book.

Step 4:  Collage/Paint/Stamp Canvas.  I used the Perfect Pigments Paint (PPP) and A Palette of Stargazers Paints.  This is the first time using the PPP and I must say I LOVE the rich color and easy way they work.  On the canvas I wanted the color less dense as I was going to use the stamped image over and then add other design elements.
Step 5: I used the PPP in burnt Umber to stamp the image.  I then hit the highlights of the pears with the Stargazer Paint.  The Startgazers have mica powder mixed into the pigment and get a nice shimmer to them.  Cut the piece down to fit the composition book and attach.

Step 6: Add Sty'lines pears as accents. I had a pear stencil from Dreamweaver and embossed with 101 artist cement.  After dry I added mica powder to the pear.  I then added some Diamond Glaze to the side of the pear and applied cool Mica Flakes!!!
Step 7:  I added word and outline accents using the Line Writer and Duo Adhesive.  After the Duo was applied I let dry then added the silver leafing.
So the finished book looks like this!

I added extra Duo around the orange colored pear for more interest.
In this last photo you can see the shimmer of the Stargazer paint.   See you in a couple of weeks on the correct day! 

Happy Creating!!!


  1. Love the layers and of course, the pears! LOL.

  2. I just love how you took something ordinary and transformed it into something with a soul!


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