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Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost At the end...

This will be my last post until Deamweaver Thursday!  I will give you a sneak peek for that today!  So things are crazy as usual at CHA.  Dreamweaver Owner, Lynell Harlow taught an amazing class on Monday!  Look for samples from the class on the Dream It Up blog! 

So yesterday this was the sneak peek....
And the stencils used were...LX7009 Paisleys  and LS1009 thank you

Hope you have enjoyed all the eye candy!

and your sneak peek for Thursday...

Happy Creating

Sunday, January 29, 2012

CHA with Dreamweaver Stencil

CHA is in full swing...Here is the the sneak peek from yesterday..
This is using LL3023 Tall Poppy
This was done using White Glossy Paste and Color solutions alcohol Ink!

Here is your sneak peek for tomorrow!
Happy Creating

Saturday, January 28, 2012


All Dreamweaver Stencil designs can now be seen at booth#863!!  Also, you will be able to order from Stencil With Style!  What a fun group of stencils.  Today I tempted you with this little tidbit.
I chose this as my last sneak peak to say "Thank You" for following a long this week with Sneak Peeks!  This is stencil LL3022 Festive Thank You!
This was done with White Glossy Paste on WorldWin Caribbean Colors.  I then went back over the area with alcohol based markers!  Thank you all again for following along this week and come by booth 863 if you are at CHA!

Just for fun I will have a couple more cards for the duration of CHA!  Sneak Peek...

Happy Creating,

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Last Sneak Peek for Dreamweaver Stencils before CHA...Doors open the 29th!

This is what I posted yesterday for you to scratch your head and say "what int he world"?  This is the new stencil LL3025 Mushrooms!  Come by the booth to see all the samples!  Booth #863

How cool is this stencil!  I used Glossy White Paste on Black Suede paper from US Artquest.  After the paste dried I used the cool Color Solutions from Dreamweaver!  It is the best alcohol ink I have used.  It is richer in pigment and gives you more work time. I then layered on WorldWin card stock with the base of the card from The Robin's Nest.  What fun!   Again, visit all the blogs from The Dream Team! 

One more sneak peek and then CHA will be upon us!

Happy Creating,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sneak Peek Day 4! Dreamweaver Stencils

Don't forget to come see us at CHA in Booth #863!!

Yesterdays teaser.........

And no to share with you Stencils LX7012 Waves and Dots & LL3020 Retro Sitting Cat

The background was done with Black Glossy Paste and the Cat is embossed on Black Metal!  this is what is called a clean and simple card.  Once again I used Caribbean Colors card stock from WorldWin !!  I love the fun retro look!  Now for tomorrows sneak peek!

 Very little to go on for this one!  Te he he.

Happy Creating,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Sneek Peek from Dreamweaver stencils!

So here is the fun teaser from yesterday!
And the reveal of  LL3021 Retro Standing Cat, LX7011 Big Dots, LG741 Kitty Words, LX7012 Waves and Dots

This all done on Worldwin Paper Caribbean Colors with Black Glossy Paste and White Glossy Paste.  What fun for retro fitted kitty! Don't forget to visit my Dreamy Sisters listed in the bar on the left.  Dreamweaver Stencils booth # 863 for CHA !! stop by and see us!

And your teaser for tomorrow...
Happy Creating,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Sneek Peek From Dreamweaver Stencils

OK, here was the sneak peek from yesterday...
And now the full card using LG742 Pointed Celtic Knot
This was done using Pearlescent Embossing Paste on Suede Paper from US Artquest! I added the little flower in the center.  I thought it needed a bit more pop so of course I added a little glitter to the flower!  Check us out at CHA Booth #863!  Check out the rest of the Dream Team to see what new designs they are sharing.  The team is listed to the left!  Tune in Tomorrow for more....

Happy Creating,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sneak Peek for Dreamweaver Stencils

OK, I shared a partial image on the 19th of a new design from Dreamweaver Stencils. 
Here is the full card!!
This was done by inking the stencil then running it through my embossing machine.  I added some sticky powder from Stampee Crafts (available from Dreamweaver Stencils).  I then used the holographic foil with the heat laminater.  Layer on several layers of card stock from Worldwin and there you have it!  Tune in tomorrow for....
Happy Creating,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chattering Robins 3D Box

Well this is my second installment as Design Team Member for The Robin's Nest. I wanted to do something other than a scrapbook or card so this is what I came up.  This project will be on display at CHA in The Robin's Nest booth #1656.  Hope you come by to check it out along with my first project! 

Let's get started.  I start with a blank box by McGuffey Woodworking.  I really like these boxes because the back comes off so you can design on a flat surface.

Next I decide which way I want to use the box.  For this project I turned it so the three small openings are in the upper right hand corner.  Then I use a pencil to trace all the grid marks.  This allows me to have a guide.  You can go a little over the lines and they are covered by the dividers!  No curling paper or pieces coming up!  Now I find all the papers I want to use and cut them to size.

Then I glue them in place.  I place the grid over the top just to make sure I have cut everything correctly.
I like how it looks so I remove the grid and start to decorate the sections.  I start with some stickers and great rub-ons.  They work really well and get a wonderful image.  Afterwards I add a touch of glitter.
Next I went to the trusty Tear Drops and made some very colorful and dimensional flowers.

I just continued to add embellishments until all panels are filled.  I will go through them so you can see what I did in each one.
<><> <><> <><>
I used a Peacock Feather stencil from Dreamweaver with Blue Glossy Paste. On the next on is a paper flower.  I added glitter on the feather and the flower.

<><> <><> <><>
Rub-ons were used for the words and the dragonflies.  I added glitter to the vines of the paper and to the dragonfly wings.  I used Diamond Glaze from Judikins to do this.  In the 3 small boxes I used Glossy accents and diamond shape Tear Drops to make the designs.  I added a round Tear Drop in the centers.

<><> <><> <><>
I loved this western theme paper and had a couple of stickers I used to give it a layered look.

<><> <><> <><>
The top portion is the flowers I made and the horses are from Dreamweaver.  I embossed them with Black Glossy Paste.  I sprinkled a little bit of glitter over the horses and added some black Dew Drops just for fun.  The black paste holds them in place. Otherwise I used Glossy Accents as my adhesive.

<><> <><> <><>
Again, I had some epoxy stickers in my stash and used them.  The leaves are some outline stickers in copper.

<><> <><> <><>
The top is a sticker and made it look attached with Dew Drops.  I did add Diamond Glaze over the sticker for dimension.  The leaf is just applied and I added some random "bling" just for fun.

<><> <><> <><>
More bling, a flower, a rub-on & Tear Drop for the grouping of three.  For the panel with the stag, I cut out the tree sticker then used the stag stencil from Dreamweaver Stencils in Copper Embossing Paste. Dreamweaver booth at CHA is #863.

And the finished box....
I hope you have enjoyed this post!  Happy Creating...

Friday, January 20, 2012

US Artquest Altered Tray

Hi and welcome to my second installment for US Artquest! I love all the cool products that US Artquest has to offer and allows creativity to just flow. My project today has a lot of steps but many are repeated. So let's get started!

These are the products I have on hand from US Artquest.
  I will be using the Perfect Pigments, Mica Tiles, Mica Flakes, brushes and PPA!

This is the tray I started with.  It is made by McGuffey Woodworking.  These trays are by far the best I have worked with for several reasons.  They are made in the USA, made from solid wood and you can take the back off to make it easier to decorate/paint.   I will be using the other design for my Chattering Robin's post on Monday!

1.  I took a pencil and marked off the sections.  This makes it easy to see where the dividers will be so you can, in this case, paint just over the lines and there will be no bleed over.
You can see the grid marks and I charted which Perfect Pigment color I wanted where.

2.  Paint each section with color desired and then paint the same color on the tray dividers.

3. Continue to paint until you have the entire board painted.  I confess, I goofed a little and marked the colors I was going to use with INK...UGH..so had to paint a coupe of coats.  Fortunately what I am adding will cover any trace of pen marks.

4. I got out my trusty Dreamweaver Stencils and decided which designs I would use for background.  I then used the Perfect Pigment to tint the White Glossy Paste.  This way I had lighter shades of the same colors.
secure stencil

get out small amount of paste

add Perfect Pigment

Mix and apply to stencil.

NOTE:  Due to dry time I started in opposite corners with the stencils and allowed them to dry then moved on.

5. I got out my Mica Tiles and split them into thinner sections so I could sandwich mica powder/mica flakes/PPA/Perfect Pigments between the layers.

6.  At this point you press them together and moosh them around.  Yes, MOOSH!   It blends the colors and anything you have mixed in.  This also makes the tiles stencil ready.

7.  For this project I now attached the back to the frame.
8.  I now choose other elements I want to add to each square.  I use a paper flower, wire and wonderful crystal beads from Connie Crystal.  This is how each section turned out!

 Crystal Effects, Perfect Pigments, PPA and Mica Powder tile.

PPA, Perfect Pigments  and Mica Powder Tile

Flower was touched up with Stargazers.  PPA, Perfect Pigments and Mica Powder Tile.

Flower touched up with Stargazers paint. Mica Flakes, PPA and perfect Pigments Tile.

Plain tile.

PPA, Mica Powder, Perfect Pigments Tile.


I hope you have enjoyed my post for this week.  US Artquest will not have a booth at CHA but you can see this piece on display in the Dreamweaver Booth #863!  Come by and see this project up close and personal!  Until then, you can order all the great products used today at US Artquest!

Happy Creating,