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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dreamweaver Thursday - Sketch Challenge with US Artquest

This week is a sketch challenge with Dreamweaver.  I have also combined this with some great products from.......US Artquest

Great products to fuel your creativity!

So here is are a few of the steps in this project!!!  READY?
 This is the base card that is 5 X 7 out of Petallics from WorldWin Papers.  I am just adding a hint of color to the edges.  I love to do this to add a bit of age to the project.

 Next I peeled Mica Tiles apart.  These are AWESOME for layers from US Artquest.  You simply pick up a tile and then carefully pull them apart.  I then added some Glossy Accents to one side.
 Now I have sprinkled some mica powder and glitter...YES...GLITTER...on the adhesive.  Dreamweaver has Metallic FX powder and US Artquest has Pearl EX.  I used a mix on these to get the colors I wanted on the tiles.
 The fun part is putting the top tile on the color and smearing it around.  It gives the tiles a very vintage look. 
Next I used a snowflake stencil and the Pearl Embossing Paste to add part of the snowflake on each tile.  I set it all aside to dry.  While it was drying I cut my paper layer and edged it with ink and attached my ribbon to the paper layer.  I then attached that to the base card.

I then attached the tiles to  the card front and added a rhinestone to the center of each snowflake.
Next I took my Merry Christmas stencil and used a blend of Copper Paste and Pearl Paste on the same card stock as the base card.  I darkened then edges with the ink before adding the embossing.  Once dry I attached this piece to the card front as well. So here again is the finished card!

And now a bonus card using the Mica Tile!
This time I used the Glossy Accents with Color Solutions artist grade alcohol ink and yes.....GLITTER!
 I added some Pale Gold Krylon ink on a charm that was silver.  
Hope you enjoyed my cards today.  I had a blast making them!  What fun it is to create using fun products and in a ocean front house!  Yes, I did these on vacation!!!  Just to make you jealous...here is the view I had while creating.
See you next week with more from Dreamweaver Stencils and who knows what other products will crop up!  Happy Creating....Kristi


  1. Fantastic projects!! I love the "sandwiched tiles" idea - very cool!

  2. These are great projects, Kristi, as is the view from your vacation home. Just not sure I could be that productive!

  3. beautiful cards and I love the technique used.

  4. Very interesting use of those Mica Tiles. I have some, but just don't know what to do with them. Of course, the Dreamweaver Paste goes on just everything! The Color Solutions, too. You know, Krsiti, that I just LOVE your use of glitter, and the snowflake is one of my favorite themes!

  5. Kristi, fun cards. I had never thought of using the mica tiles.

  6. Thanks all...I LOVE Mica in any form it takes! LOL

  7. KRisti love the use of the mica tiles, I need to get some to play with. I might even have some, In the garage LOL. Very pretty card. Thansk for your inspiration.

  8. Wow, very cool technique Kristi! Those mica tiles are amazing.

  9. The Color Solutions on the mica is very cool. Love it with the black contrast of the holly flourish on the top!


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