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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dreamweaver Thursday - FREE WEEK

Usually for a FREE week in December I would do a Christmas Card but since my birthday is tomorrow, and my mom always made sure NO Christmas went up before my birthday I think I am just going to post for fun!  We have so many fun things going on with Dreamweaver it is hard to choose, but I must say, I
am rather addicted to the Color Solutions, Artists Grade Alcohol Ink!!!
Thank you Wendy Jordan for such a cool photo of this product!

What makes these different from the others on the market is a longer workable time.  The colors are super intense and just lovely. So I am going to share a couple of cards done with these fabulous inks!
I LOVE the newer GEARS STENCIL (LJ911) I started with DGWP Glossy White Embossing Paste  on Black paper.  
The paste needs to dry 100% before you do anything else to it.
Next I used a felt applicator and applied several colors of ink and gently dabbed it on the now dry paste.
Then I added the scrabble like letters and the clock embellishment.
I edged the black layer with Pale Gold Krylon pen.
It is layered on Groovy Grape DoubleMates from WorldWin.

Pretty quick and easy and fun.

This next card is also done on Black with White paste
Step 1:  LJ910 Background Stencil has white paste applied over black paper and let dry.
Step 2:  Using Aspen Leaf, Pumpkin and Paprika Red apply to felt applicator.  Then apply thinning/cleaning solution over the colors.  This softens the colors a bit.

Step 3:  Adding Thistle and a little more Paprika Red to the applicator and more extending solution go over the next portion of background.
Step 4:  Replace the felt and apply Citron and Pine Bough to the felt and a small amount of the extender and apply to the rest of the image.  Let it all dry well, which does not take very long.
Step 5:  LG711 Tree was then placed over the background and embossed with DMBP Matte Black Embossing Paste.  Let dry
Step 6:  Edge the now colorful piece with Krylon and adhere to Black Base card!

I hope you have enjoyed my installment of NON-Christmas cards this week.  I am also posting this from Dauphin Island in a lovely beach house...te he he.  We are enjoying some time with family and relaxing for my birthday week!  Woo Hoo. 

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend and we will see you next week!

Happy Creating,


  1. OHHHH Kristi I love both of these cards, you did a fabulous job with the alcohol inks. I especially love the background with the tree. Thansk for all the inspiration.

  2. I LOVE all the color!! I am pretty addicted to Color Solutions! I am working on February/March class samples for stores, all Color Solutions. I hope your well!!! Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

  3. Wow, both great cards Kristi. That white glossy paste is the perfect base for the Color Solutions. Have a wonderful Birthday!

  4. Love the colors on the gears, and the landscape is so serene and peaceful. A great break from the Christmas theme.

  5. You have done some gorgeous creations with the new inks! Love that tree on the hills background!

  6. Very colorful and fun, Kristi! I am a BIG fan of the hills with the tree. Great job!

  7. Too fun -- Happy Birthday from one December girl to another. By the way, love your cards. The tree on the hill and the gears -- all crazy cool!


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