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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Week with Dreamweaver!

Since I have been out of town since Sunday I am so glad we have a FREE week for the challenge with Dreamweaver Stencils! So I am going to join a lot of my design team friends that love the GEARS stencil and post a card using this great NEW stencil!

I love using copper with stencils.  This is a very thin copper that my father-in-law shared with me!  Thanks Tom Van Doren for the cool copper!  I of course had to heat it to make the colors change but it is so fun.  Then I used a mirror card stock for the sentiment!

This is the gears used on acetate by 7 Gypsies!  Then Advantus Corp embellishments.

I know this is short and sweet but hope you enjoy these two cards!  Happy Creating!


  1. Short and sweet, but fabulous, Kristi. What did you use to heat the copper. I've tried, but never achieved the gorgeous colors on your card.

  2. Wo Kristi these are gorgeous. I too would like to know how you heat the copper to get those gorgeous colors. LOve those gears.

  3. LOVE the colors on this copper! Awesome job! Of course, I also just love that gear stencil. Good work, as usual!

  4. WOW! These are both such striking cards. That copper one is amazing. I assumed you used alcohol inks on the card until I read that you achieved that effect by heating it. What a great technique. Thanks.

  5. I love how the copper reacts to the heat. Great colors for fall!

  6. Great cards Kristi! Who doesn't love that new gears stenci! It is fun to work with and you did two wonderful designs with it!

  7. thanks all. I got the color from a candle and only burned my fingers 3 times. the metal gets hot!

  8. Very cool....I too thought the color was achieved by alcohol inks. Heating....hmmmm. Love all the inspiration you provide!!!

  9. Kristi...love these creations. That copper is great how it changes color with heat and the paste on the gears for a collage effect..wowee!


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