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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday with Dreamweaver - FREE WEEK

I love having a free week.  It allows for posting different items.  This week I am posting a canvas piece I completed at CHA last Monday.  I had the Gears all embossed on the wonder pewter from MercArt.  I did the patina and polish and was just waiting for the right project. 

At CHA I attended the Canadian Designer Showcase!  It was amazing to see what all of the artists did with the same materials.  As a bonus, each person got the same materials to with which to design.  That night I was creating away with Canvas Corp, Tsukineko and DREAMWEAVER!!! (Dreamweaver was not part of the workshop!) 

So I started with the blank canvas and added color with Tsukineko Fireworks!  Then the fun really began! I added my wonderful metal piece!
I added more layers of things and used a piece of denim and altered some tags.  Used some stamps and things!
The texture added is with a white paint pen, some enamel, twine and gears from Advantus. Love the stamped images semi covered with the white. The next step was the mini canvas in the center.  I was creating with a group of talented designers and one of them wrapped the blue twine.  I added all the bling after it was all assembled.

The final touches were the rope edges.  Between Sarah Hodsdon and Joe Rotella I had GREAT adhesive to attach it as I wanted.   I then added various flowers and hardware.  Connie of Connie Crystal had the very pretty bling hanging from the center!  The words were the last thing added.  What a WONDERFUL time of creating with other artists and just chatting!  This is the completed piece.  Lynell was kind and displayed it in the Dreamweaver booth for all of CHA!  I love using stencils in different ways...not just for cards my friends!

Happy Creating!


  1. I love all the different elements and how well they fit together . . . acknowledging both the strength and gentleness of the human spirit. Beautifully done!

  2. This is a very fun piece. I was surprised that you finished it all at CHA--and most of it in the dark lobby of a hotel--amazing!

  3. This collage canvas is just amazing Kristi! Loved seeing your pix of CHA too. Very fun to have several of us together.

  4. Great art piece for encouragement! Love the gears panel that you added and the metal corners.

  5. Kristi I love this mixed media piece, love that it has so many elements, keeps you coming back for more. I've started working on a mixed media piece we'll see what happens.

  6. Kristi - Love all your pieces - Love the inspiration!

  7. WOW Kristi...You finished this at CHA!! You were one busy girl. You fit alot in here. Good for you!! Miss you and hope you are well!

  8. Great to see you again at CHA, this turned out great, it was fun to see it in person.


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