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Thursday, June 2, 2011


It is amazing how time flies by.  I am just losing time as I am working on so many projects.  Our entire Southern Missouri area is still just trying to wrap our brains around the tornado that took so much from sooo many.  I want to information for Nikki Sivils and what she is doing to help out in a great way!
If you can't read this, you can go to Nikki's Blog or Facebook page to check it out!
This week we had a color way challenge for Dreamweaver!  We were to use Lavender and Gray.  I opted for silver!!

I is difficult to see but it is a punch out from Kanban and then I stenciled over the top of it and added some glitter!  I love the look!  I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and add more details soon. 

I am so overwhelmed by all going on in Joplin that I am just not on top of my game.  I am working on a fundraiser in the art/craft community and will post more details on this as is comes!  As more people are identified I have found out of people that i did not know personally, but knew my close family and friends.  Some I had met and some I had not but it just continues to devastate our area.  Healing is beginning but there are many scars left.

Thanks so all....Kristi


  1. Kristi, thank you for your post in amongst all the destruction and distress in your area. We are all thinking of you. I love the card, it is so different.

  2. Kristi...We are thinking of all the people that have lost so much too. Looking forward to your auction in August. Thanks for your hard work in spite of so much on your agenda...the card is stunning.

  3. The human spirit is resilient as evidenced by the beautiful card you were able to create despite the devastation surrounding you.

  4. I bet this card is hard to photograph! I bet it is gorgeous in person!!


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