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Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOPS....I am soooo late

WOW....better late than never!  I can't believe I am so late.  Thought today was WEDNESDAY!!  Time flies!  I have been working on VBS all week and having a lot of fun with crafts and kids.  So here is my FREE theme week for Dreamweaver!

This and the above photo are made with a stencil and Pewter!  I have found a very new love in working with metal!

This photo shows the bare trees on black metal.  We later added color using alcohol inks!  This is one of the best classes I have ever attended.  Thank you again Lynell and Magdalena for such great projects and all the goodies.  Will try to be on time next week!  eep!!!!!


  1. Hey, don't I recognize those projects?! We had too much fun in that class and now have lots of great toys. I just need to get more metal!

  2. wow Looks like y'all had a alot of fun. Wish I could have gone, another time maybe. Both of your projects are sensational, is there anything you don't do well? I can't wait til Thursdays to see what you've come up with. great Job.

  3. Those are very pretty Kristi...you'll have to show them again once you are inspired as to what you want to put in that gorgeous frame. Mine is still empty too.

  4. Oooooo....I want to make that frame. I have been wanting to do one since I saw Magdalena's at CHA. Ahhhhh...I am so upset with myself for not going to Chicago with you all.

  5. Oooohhh YUM!! MUST get some pewter to work with!

  6. I am soooo sorry to have missed this great learning opportunity. This is just gorgeous, Kristi.


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