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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Theme Thursday with Dreamweaver

It has been a very eventful the last few days in my neck of the woods.  I am very close to Joplin, MO, where they have now rated the tornado an F5.  This has been ranked the 8th worst tornado in the USA.  Please pray for the survivors of this horrible storm.  Stay tuned for what you can do to help!  These are two before and after photos from Joplin.

So I am posting a card....for the Dreamweaver Thursday. I have done a boot card today.  I first sprayed the stencil with Memory Mist and then layed it on the card stock.  I then gently lifted the stencil and it left the great faux encaustic effect.  I then cleaned the stencil and placed it back on the card in the same spot and used Pearlescent  Embossing Paste to emboss the boot.  I let everything dry well and layered it on the card front.
 I used a small scrap of paper on the edge and then a cool ribbon I had in my stash.  It is a fun, simple card but looks like you spent much longer making it than you did!
Happy Creating and may this find everyone warm and safe.


  1. That is a beautiful creation. Thanks for the opportunity to help with the Art Auction for Joplin, Kristi.... Good work and a worthy cause!

  2. Lovely masculine card, Kristi. The auction sounds like a great fundraiser. I'll see what I can put together and send your way.

  3. Good job, Kristi. I really like the colors you chose. Hey, I am confused as to what you are looking for in the auction. Please enlighten me, so I can help you.

  4. Very cool what you did with the cowboy boot. I keep meaning to try that technique. So glad that you and yours are safe after the tornado that hit Joplin. Hugs!

  5. Great background, the pearlescent paste looks silvery on it. Glad you are safe.


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