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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Late this week...Is it Dream Scheme Thursday Already! LOL

I was early last week and late this week.  Proof that the busier you are the more you get done! I am using a project that I had made and just love! 

This is an altered journal using a composition book as the base.
Front Cover

Back Cover

Close Up Detail!
I used the wonderful rose stencil with gold leaf.  The vase is a different stencil cut out of WorldWin Treasures.I then used glitter and the leopard stencil over the vase.

I applied some double stick tape by La D'ore to the spine and added more leafing.  Love the torn edges, the leafing an adding the stamps in for fun!  And of course......BLING!!!!

Hope you all have a very creative day!


  1. I think I might be more inclined to keep a journal if I had something as nice as this to write in. Thanks for the inspiration for the stack of composition books I've collected.

  2. I love pretty notebooks, too bad I have never been one to keep a diary. I love making them, just not filling them!

  3. Hi from sunny Arizona! Pam and I are whooping it up at the National Art Materials Trade show and thinking of you. Thanks for the beautiful posting! Love your stylish style Kristi! Will be home soon...Lynell.

  4. Now, it's me, Pam. Very cool how you collaged all the various elements that you stenciled (and of course, some sparkle!) Wish you'd been here at the show. We've had a blast!

  5. Oh Kristi!!! This is fabulous!! WOWZER out of this world!!!

  6. Very nice. I especially love what you did with the roses. I am inspired to get myself that stencil now.....


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