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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Back - Dreamweaver Thursday

I am back!  I have been helping with a wonderful production of Hello Dolly at Evangel University and it opens tonight!  Woo Hoo.  Spring Break last week and I am finally here to do a post. 

This is Dreamweaver Thursday.  It is a FREE theme this week which means you can post any Dreamweaver design to play along for a chance to win.  You just go to Dreamweavers blog and leave a comment that you are playing a long.  You always have a chance to WIN! 

I decided to go with a classic style card using my favorite color scheme!  On white card stock I dry embossed the tulip stencil.  I used my trusty Wizard by Spellbinders for this.  I then used PanPastels to color the now raised image!  I layered my image on a couple of more colors, punched the edge of the base card.  The base card is DoubleMates two sided card stock so the lighter side shows through! 

And for those of you who know me....this card is made completely without glitter or bling...I am thinking it is an off day! LOL

Happy Creating!

All Paper By Worldwin
Stencil by Dreamweaver
Colors by PanPastels
Embossing Machine by Spellbinders


  1. You are right, very classic. But here you are again, making those Pan Pastels sing! I need to see you work with them some time--I am always impressed with your work with these.

  2. This is super pretty Kristi!!! I miss you too!! Today, I need an escape.

  3. So Springy and fresh. Lovely card.

  4. It's lovely! Your colors and shading are exquisite.

  5. I had to double-check that this was Kristi's blog! No bling? No collaging? Keeping us guessing, eh, girl? Gorgeous tulip. Love the simple, long slender card. I need to buy those Pan Pastels.

  6. What a graceful lovely tulip! Very "springy." I just saw you pear from last week and I just love it! Thanks for the technique tip!

  7. thank you all...make a girl feel good!

  8. AWWww...I saw this and thought...quintessential "Spring"time creation! All those flowers are blooming now and I am soooo enjoying it. Glad to know "hello dolly" went well and you had a good Spring break!

  9. So pretty, just the touch of spring we need!


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