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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Happy Happy

My new look!

I am so excited and happy!  As of last night at 8pm I have a new living room set to look at and sit upon!  This is the first time since I got married that we have matching furniture...I feel like such a grown up.  My creative space is very bright with yellow/green/orange and I LOVE it.  This is my favorite grown up color scheme.  I love the warmth of the colors and the crisp lines.

Many of you know that these colors are often reflected in my art and creative endeavors.  It is like many with comfort food...this is my comfort place now!  Below is  something I created in my same color scheme!
This frame will go nicely in my new setting!
 I love the frames that you can alter and make your own.  I think this will get some 3D embellishments and then find a place in my new room!
I am a happy and blessed woman!


  1. Your living room looks great. I know I felt so grown up when I got my leather couch!
    I am still in love with your workroom though! Ah, to have my own space to create!

  2. Thanks Casey! I am sooo glad to have a new friend! Looking forward to more chats!

  3. Hey, Kristi...I don't think I have ever had a room with matching furniture all purchased to go together. This is magnificent and it seems really practical too...easy to clean upholstery is a must when you have teens, huh? Love the color scheme transferring into your work...gorgeous colors!

  4. Lynell, I am so excited! it is comfy and very practical. I finally feel at home in my home!


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