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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back from CHA

I was so excited to be at CHA and so not excited to come home and be snowed in!  Although I am hoping to get some creating with new products tomorrow.  I saw some really great new products and it is amazing what people are doing with papers and art supplies.  Really gets you thinking outside the box!  I love it!  I took a few classes and am thrilled to now be a sales rep for a few companies!  I am sharing a couple of photos from the DCWV booth.  They have taken the paper to an entirely new level!  Enjoy the fashion show!

Yes..these are all paper!  Really fabulous design team over there!  Will post more soon and don't forget Dream Scheme Thursday!!!  Dreamweaver has a lot of GREAT new designs!

Happy Creating!


  1. Hum, interesting. Does this mean the new art will be crafting paper dresses?

  2. I am hoping I will do all sorts of new things. I am very excited!


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