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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreamweaver Spring Thoughts! Love the Glitter!

  1. Place double stick tape to paper.  I use the 4" La Dore Tape.
  2. Soap the back of Dreamweaver stencil LJ 836 (oval doily) with Coconut soap. (also by Dreamweaver)
  3. Peel other side of tape up and place stencil on exposed tape.  Press firmly but not super hard so the stencil will release easily.
  4. Cover stencil and other exposed sticky area with Teal Glitter (Art Institute) and shake off excess.
  5. Remove stencil carefully and then cover the now exposed area with Yellow Glitter.  Shake off excess. and set this piece to the side.
  6. On base card apply ink direct to paper.  I used and olive green ink.  I think it was Colorbox.
  7. Attach glitter piece on now distressed base card.
  8. Cut out and emboss the label of your choice from Spellbinders.
  9. Tape Spring Stencil LM 228 on all sides with low tack tape on all sides to label.
  10. Mix a small amount of Kiwi Green Metalic FX with Translucent Paste then spread over the stencil.
  11. Remove stencil and clean up knife and stencil with water. (keep stencil flat) Let image dry.
  12. After "Spring" is dry distress the edges a little with the same ink used on the base card and put little brads through the ends. (this is more for show than holding the project together)
  13. Attach to card front with Weldbond. (tape does not work super great on glitter surfaces)
  14. Add Prima Flower.
I am thinking spring as I have decided that winter is my least favorite season.  I am ready for the warmth to come over the land.  I need my sunshine and warmth!

I hope you all like this weeks Dreamweaver Dream Scheme free week!  We could do whatever theme we wanted!  If you do not have the Oval Doily....you need to get it.  Wonderful and very versatile!

If you go to the previous post you can see what the entire image looks like! 

Happy Creating!


  1. AMAZING!... as always Kristi and I have to say I absolutely love this colorway. Thanks for step-by-step instructions too.

  2. This is gorgeous. That doily background is just smashing with the dark blue. Wonderful. I hope you have a good day!

  3. Very pretty. It looks like you did a shadow technique with the "Spring", did you? Or is that just natural shadows from the photo?

  4. Kristi .. I think this card is absolutely fabulous, Well you know I too love glitter. And your right I really need to get this stencil.

  5. Thank you to you all! The spring was stenciled a little before the paste was applied. forgot a step...but really not necessary. Happy Thursday

  6. Oooohhh YUM!! Yet ANOTHER stencil that needs me! (lol)

  7. Wow--love the doily stencil with all that contrast--and, of course, glitter, glitter, GLITTER! Very sparkly, very Kristi, very beautiful.


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