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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Need a last minute gift????

Wire Wrapped Pendants $20 Each.

Journals can be personalized or added to if you want more bling. Base price is $7 as is. If you want personalization or other elements added then at least $10 each.

Again, frames can be personalized! Base price is only $5 on these great frames. Add a name or some fiber and bling for an additional $3!!!
I have been wrapping, covering, collaging like a crazy woman with no real reason! So Thought I would offer some unique, hand made, one of a kind gifts at a low cost! I can ship for actual shipping costs!
Merry Christmas!

email me at ask.kristi@att.net

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  1. These are gorgeous Kristi. I love your wrapped pendant. Did you stamp on that first one? I am sure that these would make cherished gifts.


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