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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dream Scheme Thrusday...Blue and Purple

Welcome to Dream Scheme Thursday! We were posed with a challenge this week of using blue embossing paste and purples. The only place I used the blue paste was on the words "Happy Birthday" I added a little teal glitter and some super light blue glitter but the BLUE PASTE foundation really made the words pop!
So here is the process!
  1. I work a little backwards...so I started with the light purlple paper. I love the texture on it. I used Treasures by Worldwin. I used my PanPastels by ColorFin for the stenciling of the individual peacock feathers.
  2. I added a light layer of color to the edge of the paper.
  3. Next I stencild more PanPastels on the peacock background then used the transluscent paste over the image and let it dry.
  4. Now I started on the tag. I stenciled with the PanPastels then edged the tag with chalk ink. I also colored the tag string with the ink.
  5. Once all the layers are ready to assemble I cut the peacock background and placed the tag on top.
  6. Next, cut the light lavender layer larger so you can angle your peacock tag layer.
  7. Cut your teal layer 1/2 inch larger than the light lavender and then place on the base card.
  8. I left the space at the bottom of the card and layed the birthday greeting over the three layers and paste with the blue paste.
  9. Add glitter and let dry. Add Prima flower for the finishing touch.

I hope that you all have enjoyed the Blue/Purple challenge. Check out the stencils used shown that were used. I love all of these sooooo much! Happy Creating!



  1. Oh MY! Fabulous detail here Ms Kristi! YUM!!

  2. I am so glad you showed this one! And your description and detail are fab Kristi! You have more energy than a 12 year old!

  3. This is a beauty. I am loving that background!!

  4. What gorgeous shades of blue and purple! Love the grouping of peacock stencils.

  5. Very pretty, I really like the big background stencil.

  6. wonderful layers! Really nice, soft and elegant.

  7. So gorgeous and totally loving the design and colors!

  8. Thank you one and all! Great to hear from you all!


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