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Friday, December 24, 2010

Background For the Heart

OK!  A fun technique for more fun! This is a very sophisticated technique called the "smack, smoosh & smear!"  I know...

So here is a step by step:
  1. Use a drawing paper weight.  (I used notebook paper on the heart sample as I was using the paper as a paint palette of sorts.)
  2. Squeeze out several colors of acrylic metallic paints.
  3. 3. Place plastic wrap over paint.
 4.  Smack, squish and smoosh the paint around.

    5.  Lift off plastic.
    6.  If there is excess, place another paper on top and press firmly.
    Let dry

I try to make several at once!  Have fun and GET MESSY!!!



  1. Kristi, this looks like a fun mess. I love the way you get a unique look each time!

  2. it is really fun and I just make a bunch so the mess is limited to one day at a time!

  3. smooshing is too fun!!! woo hoo


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