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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking a break from the crafty stuff

Today is a special day and it has nothing to do with my fabulous world of crafting. It is all about my husband. Today is his birthday. He is such an amazing man and has blessed me so much over the years. He is my rock and that is a miracle. God has given him so many wonderful gifts, one of which is loving me unconditionally. He supports me in my crazy world of crafting and even encourages me. He is proud of me! He loves his family!
So Happy Birthday my dear hubby. I love you!With our children and Mike's parents! March of 2010

With Jeff Slaughter after a great concert!

Helping to lead worship with Jeff. So amazing for him to get up and do this and be a great example to his kiddos who thinks he is the coolest because he danced with Jeff Slaughter!!!
Ain't that Funky!!!

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