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Monday, June 14, 2010

Work In Progress

I am a work in progress! I am working on Vacation Bible School this week, pulling things together for the crop in Topeka, KS October 1 &2, trying to work on my house, listing things on Craig's List and just trying to keep my head above water! We also have family reunion this weekend. It will be great to see the fam but it is a crazy week! I did have time to play just a little...

Happy Creating!

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  1. Love it. So what is going on in the house front. Organizing??? Look at my blog and check the book out that I am reading. It is a must read for those nearly the 50 mark or even before. Hits so close to home. Oh the name of the book is "Rightsizing Your Life". Fabulous book for any looking to get their lives simplified!


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