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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tired and Amazed

All I have to say is "wow" Thank you all who made this event a huge success! Some of those included are pictured above. Stacey Caron (seated) owner of Spellbinders Paper Crafts came to see us for a bit and gave very generously. One lucky cropper left with a brand new Wizzard! Thank you so much Stacey. Kim Hupke(far left) did a make and take using the Wizard and it was adorable. Karen Taylor (far right) brought tons of cool stuff from Nikki Sivels and did a great make & take...notice the cool pin she is wearing!
The biggest thanks to all who attended and the great generosity. The preteens that attended and helped made a huge impact and I have never been more proud of the kiddos!
I will post more photos later but I need SLEEP!!!
Thank you to anyone who had even the smallest part to do with this event and God above all that blessed this event.
Good night all!

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  1. Kristi you gave so unselfishly of your time and energy. I for one know how hard you worked to make this event successful. I am so proud of what you accomplished. Everyone deserves a big thanks! I am just sorry I couldn't be there to share it with you.


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