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Saturday, March 6, 2010


So..............................................This is what I started with this morning. I am not proud of my mess and it is not all my mess but I am making progress! I think I have all of my paper in one general area. I have no need for paper for awhile!!!!

I actually am pretty happy as by days end I discovered I had a garage floor! So I am trying to get myself in a place that I can create without hunting for 30 min. every time I need a different supply.

My next step is to work out some minor details with space issues in my studio. As I have always said, keep your things in like containers so they can stack and store more easily. If you have to used some things in 3 or 4 years, put it in a box and donate it to a church or other organization to use.

I am hoping by this time Monday to have the garage so a car can actually be parked in there. And as for my room, nice and tidy and read to start a series of articles using different techniques and supplies for your creative endeavours! Happy Cleaning, organizing and creating!



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