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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Having a cold is the pits!

I am so not amused! Why get a cold before a big event? Oh well, I am taking care of the throat and hope it will last through the weekend. I am excited because it seems all things are coming together nicely. Giving another sample of one of the cards I am teaching. I am so excited to get started on Christmas cards. I am also thrilled the classes are filling up. The best part is, it is all for charity. I am also posting what the tree in my front yard looked like a few days ago. I love the colors of fall. I do not love the change from warm to cold to rainy! Oh well, at least there is no snow YET! I also hae a huge shout out to The Scrapnook! They have been great to work with on getting the supplies needed for this event for my projects. It is really great that people that attend the event can get most items used right there on the spot if they wish. Leaving on Friday morning. I will take a lot of pictures and post some either as I am there or when i get back!

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