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Saturday, October 24, 2009

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....

No jet plane here! LOL I am getting really excited for the upcoming event. I am posting one of the cards I am teaching. (FYI I used there are 6 different colors of poinsettias and I used my favorite color...not many will want ORANGE!) I know the classes are filling and can't wait to get there. This is for such a great cause! Check it out at http://www.midlandcareconnection.org/! The gal that has been doing the organization of this event is great. I am hoping anyone that is reading my blog can help in some way. I am hoping to have a little bit more of a relaxing week leading up to this event. I am also thrilled that my mom is going with me. She will see the crazy world in which I belong up close and personal. Hope she can handle all the fun! The rest of this week will be getting my house in order, making a couple more items just for fun...well sort of. It is always fun to create but I will probably send them in as submissions some place. Always going to the next thing. Well, I had better get to my day. Don't forget, if ANYONE has a question they would like answered regarding the craft world you can submit them to me at ask.kristi@att.net. The questions may appear in an upcoming issue of Scrap & Stamp. Have a spooktakular week. Bwaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa

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