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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gel Press™ Earth Day Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Gel Press Earth Day Blog Hop!  We want to encourage you to reuse and recycle with Gel Press.  Have you thought of making Gel Press Prints on old maps?  What about old Christmas cards or even magazines?  Hop around and see what our designers have come up with for this hop.  

We will be giving away a prize again for the comments on the Gel Press Blog.  Comment on what your favorite project was and why.  We will accept comments from April 20 - April 24.  The winner will be announced April 25th on our FB Page and on Gel Press Junkies FB page!  Good Luck!

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This is a Family "TREE" with a few of my favs pinned to the circle!

Don't forget to visit all the blogs then go back to the Gel Press Blog and leave a comment for your favorite post!  You could be a winner!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting A-"Round" with Gel Press

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Thank you for joining our first Gel Press Blog Hop!  We will have a challenge every month!  This gives you the opportunity to play along AND win a Gel Press for yourself!  This month you can win an 8" Round Gel Press Plate!!  Enter by going to all of the blogs.  

Leave a comment on the Gel Press Blog telling us your favorite project!  You can comment bewteen now and April 7!  Winner to be announced on Gel Press Junkies on FB and Gel Press product page April 8th!  You will have your 8" Round Gel Press to make a project to play along with our Earth Day designs April 22! Enjoy the projects and good luck!
I'm sharing the process of making the prints!  It is fun and addictive! 

Pull Back Protective Film 

Add Paint and Brayer..Lay Down Stencil

Press Paper On The Plate And Press Firmly....Pull Up Paper

This is the second print.

Third "ghost" print

This stencil leaves room to add words or another image.
This is just more of "How To".  Explore with colors and textures too!

This is one option for all the round prints!  Very Groovy!

Make sure and hop to ALL the designers blogs!


Happy Creating!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Gel Press Junkie!

Well we have a CREATIVE TEAM and looking forward to sharing some fun things.  I’m kicking off the posts for the upcoming weekend.  I had a friend over today and was playing with the 3 X 5 and the 5 X 7 Gel Press Plates.  I also happen to have some Color Burst so decied to see how all the products work together!  I have a series of photos so here we go!
IMG_5852Today I am using:
Gel Press Printing Plates, Golden Paints, Speedball Brayer, Color Burst, Ken Oliver’s Craft Mat, varieous stencils and white copy paper.
Start by placing a small amount of paint on the plate. Add a small amount Color Burst.


Place stencil over the paint.  Remember when using letters or numbers you need to lay them down backwards.
Press paper on top and press firmly.
Lift the paper off.
Lift off the stencil and do your second pull.  You will have a positive and negative!
Here are some other prints I made today!
Hope you all have a lot of fun playing with your Gel Press!  More posts coming soon!
Happy Creating
Kristi...Design Team Lead
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Smothfoam Lucky Day

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I was making my piece for Smoothfoam and thought I would share it here as well!  Enjoy the pretty photos and for more instructions go to the Smoothfoam Blog!

Monday, February 29, 2016

New Creative Team New Lease On Life

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When you are walking along and thinking, "well this is it, I am probably just going to create for my own satisfaction and fun", BAM , someone sees the passion yu have for the industry and a friendship and bond is is made!

I am the new Creative Team Lead for a wonderful company, Gel Press!!

Here are some fun things I have made with this fabulous product!

This is more information about "Gel Press"
Gel Press is the new brand name of gel printing plates manufactured by POLYGEL- the company that developed the original formula and fabrication process for a permanent gel mono printing plate and they hold the patent.

At one time- this formula was private labeled with another company. That company is now sourcing the gel elsewhere.  Polygel believes strongly in the high quality of its product and launched GEL PRESS - to ensure when you purchase Gel Press - you are purchasing the quality gel plate that is known to perform. Any other gel plate is NOT the original gel. 

As the manufacturer of GEL PRESS - Polygel can offer significant price advantages to retailers and therefore the consumer. 

Have Questions?  Email me at kristiparkervandoren@gmail.com

Check out the NEW Gel Press Blog!

Happy Creating!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentine Fun!

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Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I am very happy this year as I have come to the conclusion this day is NOT about couples, sweethearts, spouses and more.  It is about a love of each other and doing all we can to make this world a warm and inviting place for everyone!  So let's get started with my special valentine for each of you!
My supply list is much larger this week than most as I am trying to get more adventurous and try the layering of texture and color.  I used two stencils from Dreamweaver. 
I started with the flourish stencil and used Champagne Ink to stencil on the design.

This is a very light image of the stencil.
Next I layered on some color. I love the Fireworks as they have a fun shimmer to them.  I actually applied it with a brush. 
Then I added a little Shimmer ink in Gold. 
I needed to get the tag dry so I used my heat tool.  I love the shimmer of all of these inks! 
Next I added some color by applying the ink directly to the paper.  I used more Champagne and some Bronze Encore.
I then also added some more of the stenciled image.
I decided after I picked my first stencils that I wanted the Valentine words on the tag as well so  I spritzed it with some Walnut Ink.  I wanted it a little blurry and new some of the ink would seep under the stencil.  I blotted off the excess and removed the stencil.
Of course it would not be done if I did not use some paste, so I taped off my stencil and off set it on the tag.  I then applied the Pearlescent Paste.
Once I removed the stencil I rinsed it off.  Please be careful as some of the points of the hearts are sharp and WILL cut you.  I know as I now have a bandage on my thumb! LOL  While the paste is still wet I added my first color of glitter...pink of course in transparent ultrafine. 
Then added more transparent ultrafine glitter in a soft green.  I am not giving exact colors as you can use any color of glitter.  I used transparent and spread it very then.  I also went over the entire image and the edges of the tag with Crystal glitter.  You could use any transparent clear glitter.
I love this photo as you can see where I went over the words with pen, the shimmer of the gold and the sparkle of the glitter!
This is the finished tag.  I am sorry I could not get all the shimmer of color in this final photo but you can see the entire tag.  As I am typing this a thought occurred to me.  "What if I used Translucent Embossing Paste?"  I think I will go play some more! 

Happy Creating!!